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rRest Retreats

(only available through the rREST™ Practitioner Certification Program)
Santa Cruz
Feb 17-23, 2020 
 June 9-13, 2020
Virtual Live
Aug 3 - Nov 16, 2020
2021 dates To Be Announced...

What is rRest?

rREST™ is an innovative, mind-body technology. It can quickly and permanently eliminate subclinical stress response patterns that were generated very early in life and were reinforced by adversity throughout life.  If you are a coach or a therapist, rREST™ is a highly effective tool to give your clients long-lasting, breakthrough success, quickly and efficiently. 

The rREST™ technique, rapid Reprogramming of Emotional Stress Technique, was developed in 2019 by UCSF Medical School trained neuroscientist Dr. Cindy Sholes. It is an innovative technology that integrates cutting edge developments in neuropsychology with alternative modalities including kinesiology, mindfulness meditation, acupressure/acupuncture, and the chakra system of the Vedic tradition. rREST™ is an evolution of Neuro Emotional Technique (NET).
 rREST™, like NET, allows you to find the primary traumatic event during which an implicit, associative memory was formed as a stress response pattern. During a rREST™ session, the emotions that were learned during a primary event are processed both neurologically and energetically. One of the most profound innovations of rREST™ is the ability to do the technique remotely over video chat. The clear, easy to learn rREST™ algorithm (and soon to come app) also makes rREST™ very accessible to all types of coaches and practitioners.

Because the mechanism of action of rREST™ is a further evolution of NET, we believe that the research that has been done on NET applies to rREST™ as well. NET has been proven not only to reduce stress and help people feel better about disturbing issues or events, but also to make visible changes in functional brain scans.

Why is rRest Important?

In the scientific literature, traumatic events such as being subjected to neglect, parental addiction, parental incarceration, divorce or domestic violence are considered to be Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). ACEs can have devastating long-term consequences, potentially resulting in poor mental, emotional, and physical health. Studies show that these severe traumas are common; 67% of the US population has had one or more ACEs, and nearly 13% have had 4 or more ACEs. The consequences can be severe. Unprocessed ACEs have been shown to increase the risk of heart disease 2.5-fold, cancer 2-fold, depression 4.5-fold and suicide 12-fold.
Traumatic events and the resulting distress that follows have also been shown to have an effect at the cellular and molecular level: cementing in stress reactions, decreasing neurogenesis, increasing cellular aging, and shortening telomeres.rREST™ is a tool that can process ACEs so that the resulting patterns no longer have a negative effect on the mind and body. rREST™ leads to a greater emotional resilience as clients typically experience gaining an expanded comfort zone, more empathy, and a greater capacity for emotional awareness, consciousness, and intentional actions.

How rRest Heals Trauma and Changes the Brain

rREST™ processes simple and complex trauma, by integrating implicit memories into a coherent and positive personal narrative. Emotional stress patterns that are learned from traumatic events are like neurological “weeds” that take mental and emotional energy away from useful and intentional thought pathways. During a rREST™ session, ACEs and other subconscious traumas are brought forth from the limbic system within the subconscious mind into the prefrontal cortex of the conscious mind. By effectively creating recall of the primary learning event that was at the root of the maladaptive neural network, the mind-body recognizes that there is no current need for the stress reaction.
The prefrontal cortex naturally neutralizes the emotions associated with the primary event, as it becomes interpreted by the adult perspective as being truly in the past. Thus, rREST™ “removes the weeds from the garden of the mind” and allows the adult brain to integrate the experience into an empowering, adult personal narrative. The rREST™ practitioner guides the client to create a rich, new, effective, and empowering personal narrative with conscious intention. Once this integration of the traumatic memory has taken place, mental and emotional energy is freed up for new learning. The entire neuronal structure changes as seen by brain scans, and the limbic activity calms down in reaction to the original trigger.

How do I Learn rRest?

The rRest Practitioner Certification Program:
rREST™ Practitioner Certification Program is designed to teach rREST™ to any practitioner who wants to accelerate their own business as well as the success of their clients. The rREST™ Practitioner Training Program includes the 5-day rREST™ intensive, as well as weekly support and coaching video conference over the course of 4 months.  
This structure not only provides the practitioner with the step by step process of the technique, but also, it provides support for the practitioner as they practice with the technique on other students and their clients with oversight and coaching so they can get the best results. We have found that learning any new coaching technique, without ongoing support to integrate it into the structure of an existing or new practice, usually results in the technique getting set aside. For this reason, the support and coaching calls are designed to work with practitioners to use rREST™ in a context of their unique client success program.

Online, Aug 3rd - Nov 16th, 2020
(only available through the rRest Practitioner Certification Program)

You Will Learn How To:

Create the space for client transformation through conscious awareness, deep empathy, clear intuition.

Remotely detect you clients stress responses as they are related to their current triggers.

The step by step process of rREST™ that guides your client to the original trauma that is the root of the emotional stress pattern.

Guide your client to create a positive perspective regarding the original event and subsequent events that may be related to their personal narrative.

Guide your clients to envision a future in which they have a strong locus of control with the ability to bring conscious intention to planning and creating a purposeful life.
The step by step technique is learned during a 5-day rREST™ Intensive. The diverse and dynamic learning environment, at strategically beautiful locations, with clean and cozy accommodations, and nourishing food, allows you to become rejuvenated and refreshed in the beauty of nature as you dive into deep learning.  
Apply for the rREST Practitioner Certification Program Here

What People are Saying about the rREST™
 Certification Program

  • I had been wanting to learn the rREST™ technique for many years.  I know it works and what better way to help people. I felt a deep calling and drive to do this. The rREST™ Retreat definitely went above and beyond my expectations as far as learning and all the lectures.


    I have been thinking about rREST™ for pets for years.  I have wanted to communicate at a deeper level with pets and be able to relieve their traumas. When I heard about this training there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to do it.  There is so much value in learning the technique, with the added value of the private sessions and group call, it's as though the training is almost free! A no brainer. During the rREST™ Retreat, I learned the rREST™ technique and had lots of opportunity to practice.  The venue was beautiful. The accommodations were clean and spacious.  The food was healthy and delicious.


    At the rREST™ Retreat, I learned how to perform the rREST™ technique on others. I was able to ask questions in a non-judgmental atmosphere. We had a lot of fun. I learned that being a part of a group that is focused on improving other people's and animal's lives is where I am and will always be.


  • Since having several successful rREST™ sessions with Dr. Sholes, I have been interested in learning how this technology works. Dr. Sholes really has found a way to teach this technique such that it is easier to learn and so I was all in!  Not only did I learn the technique, but in being a subject for others to practice on, I had some amazing breakthroughs personally. I love this work.


    I took the rREST™ Retreat because I have the desire to free myself and others from suffering; the desire to help heal and transform life on earth. I am also motivated to gain some power in the world by increasing my financial flow doing work I love and believe in!



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